Psychedelic Lake 

Resin on canvas.

152cm x 120cm

Faith. An iconic image, presented as a digital graphic, finished with resin and diamond dust.

180cm x 130cm

Diamond Girl.

Digital Art in resin and  diamond dust. 

101cm X 101cm

King of the Sun.

Mixed Media

101cm x 101cm

Gold Lady

Mixed Media

40cm X 40cm

The Carnival Collection is inspired by the Brazilian Carnival and is made with a mixture of resin and acrylic paint and is decorated with natural ivy,  glitter and diamond  dust,  presented in a vintage gold frame.

135cm x 95cm

Pink & Blue Ocen

Resin on canvas.

130cm x 60cm

The bottom of sea. 

A  mixed media piece in resin with natural Geodes,  gives the feeling of power, beauty, and positive energy.

130cm x 65cm

Under the Rainbow.

Abstract Acrylic painting.

130xm x 60cm

Heart of Darkness.

Acrylic on canvass. The classic cartoon heart and the dark fathomless depths beneath.

170cm x 130

Face of the earth. 

 Acrylic painting.

40cm x 30cm


Mixed Media 

206cm x 93cm

The  Forbidden Garden

 Acrylic  Paint

239cm X  82cm

Gold Night

 This piece is inspired by the Christmas lights  of London.

Northeast Field.

 This piece is inspired by a sunny spring day in Maranhao in the northeast of Brazil where the artist was born. It shows the colours of the landscape, her earliest memory.

Acrylic Paint

101 X 154cm

Bird's Nest

Acrylic Paint

150cm x 80cm

The Throne.

Mixed Media

Dimension :

 109 x 78


Acrylic Paint

 109cm x 78cm

Rain of Colours

This piece is inspired by the great weather of London, even in the rain and grey days we can still see the bright side under the umbrella.

Acrylic Paint

280cm x 167cm

Tramont Nordestino

This piece is inspired by the nature of  a North East Brazil sunset , that was the  artist's view as a child.

Acrylic painting 

210cm x 180xm

Palm Beach 

Acrylic Paint

170cm x 80cm

 Abstract Art made in a spining machine.