Meet Lenny Lopes 


Lenny Lopes is a Brazilian artist who lives and works in London.
Her abstract works in bright colors are made in acrylic on canvas. Lenny’s uses different techniques in her arts, expressing herself in large formats. She uses different tools, including different types and sizes of spatulas, frames and with the support of a turntable, she lets herself be carried away by the psychedelic, llusionistic, surreal form that she call Spinning Art. In the Art Pop style, Lenny takes advantage of technology using her own digital photographs to create beautiful graphic effects on canvas and to finish with a mixed technique, she uses resin with pigments and Dimonte Dust.
She says that she has a lot of fun developing her unique techniques and is not afraid of making mistakes, because for Lenny, imperfection is also beautiful. Through her work, Lenny attempts to show the beauty of color within a contemporary cultural context.
Present in several Brazilian and international collective and individual exhibitions. Her works are part of private collections in different countries around the world. 

  • Born in Maranhão and raised in Brasilia. She  lived in different countries, accumulating knowledge of different cultures and together with her childhood experiences, expressed in her works hers interpretation of life and nature, in a unique style of post-impressionist painting.
  • Lenny has studied at the London School of Photography, the British Academy of Photography at the University of Westminster, the London College of Fashion and The Chelsea School of Drama.