Meet Lenny Lopes 


Lenny Lopes is a Brazilian artist who lives and works in London. She works in a predominantly abstract style, focusing on  mixed media incorporating unique techniques.  Born in the state of Maranhao, her love for both nature and modernity was born and began to flourish. Having moved from a small village in the north east to the capital city, Brasilia, known for its modernist architectural style and art, her curiosity to integrate both her early memories of the Brazilian countryside, and of her urban adolescence is indicated through her warm, vibrant combination of colours, shapes and layering. 

  “ Growing up in a family of eleven children, my parents influenced us all to express our individuality and  be creative. Today I feel privileged to create beautiful pieces of art.” 

Lenny has studied at the London School of Photography, the British Academy of Photography at the University of Westminster, the London College of Fashion and The Chelsea School of Drama.