Upcoming Exhibitions 2023

 International Women's Day Exhibition February 24 to March 24, 2024 Location: Art.3ß Gallery, City Park Shopping - São Paulo/Brazil  The exhibition that celebrates the talent and strength of women. Works of female artists from different fields will be exhibited, such as painting, sculpture, photography, among others. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to meet and appreciate the work of these women who are transforming the world through art. Don't miss this chance to be inspired and support female artists.                                                                                  

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+55 11 9.42191834 or email art.a3.contato@gmail.com

A Fusion of Culture Exhibition 2023 at Brazilian Consulate in London.

Sfumato Art Studio, Patricia Evangelista artist and curate the artwork of the amazing artists of the fusion of Brazilian and British cultures, for your unwavering support, incredible talent, and unyielding commitment! Your creative brilliance has bridged continents, weaving a tapestry of unity and diversity that inspires us all. From the pulsating rhythms to the vibrant colors, you’ve shown us the beauty of cultural fusion. This journey wouldn’t have been possible without your passion and dedication. Together, we celebrate a harmonious blend of traditions, making the world a richer and more enchanting place. Continue to create, collaborate, and spread love through our art.Forever grateful for each and every one of you to working together through this incredible journey.

We invited everyone to come to our next Exhibition on O6/07/23 at Consulate General of Brazil in London. 

Mission World Tour Exhibitions - Rome, Italy:Unveiling Creativity and CultureVenue: Museum Venanzo Crocetti, Rome - Italy Address: Via Cassia, 492, 00189 RomaExhibition Schedule:Artwork Arrival: September 8th and 9th, 2023Experience the anticipation as masterpieces from around the world find their home within the hallowed halls of the Museum Venanzo Crocetti.Exhibition Setup: September 11th, 2023Witness the transformation of blank spaces into captivating galleries, as artistic vision takes form under the skillful hands of our team.Vernissage: September 12th, 2023 @ 17:00Step into a world of wonder and creativity as we celebrate the grand opening of the Mission World Tour Exhibition. Join us for a captivating afternoon where art, culture, and imagination converge.Curator and Expert Presentation:Prepare to be guided through the artistic tapestry by the expertise of acclaimed art curator and critic Giorgio Bertozzi, and the insightful perspective of Claudio Giulianelli. Their passion and insights promise to deepen your connection with each masterpiece.



 It is with the lightness of the fabrics that move in front of you that we propose a reflection on how you would like to experience transparency in your life.

Arte2_ “Flags and Colours  Between Us” has provoked and invited several artists to open up their transparent sensitivity, and the result are the flags we exhibit in this project.
More than an invitation, our intention is to provoke the senses, with the colors, movement and lightness of the flags that are part of this exhibition, which are part of you and which are among Choosing transparency is an act of courage.
Have courage to be who you are. Having the courage to accept our inner beauty is an act of acceptance. It is with the lightness of the fabrics that move in front of you that we propose a reflection on how you would like to experience transparency in your life.
Each artist spilled in fluid images what they found inside them. They were chosen and were delighted by the possibility of this safe space, protected by the love of art, make each flag able to reach the free beauty of each, which can currently be hidden and covered, by rules, by fear, by lack of use of the sensitive, the subtle, the Spontaneous, there is something pure in each of us.
The “Flags Among Us” project wants to make the exercise of transparency in relationships with oneself and others more visible. No room for judgement, where everyone is accepted for beina beautiful in their own wav. where vou feel being beautiful in their own way, where you feel unique, but your individuality unites the individuality of each flag.



I Sao Paolo May 05 - 28 May 2023

I Flux London 18 - 27 May 2023

I Art Expo April New York 30th March 2nd  April 2023

I Brussel 06 - 13 April 2023

| Buzios-RJ | 

05 -17 Feb 2023

| Sao Paolo |  17 - 27 January 2023

| Dubai | 9-12  March 2023

| New York City  | 30 Mar 2 Apr 2023                                  

I World Art Dubai 16 - 19 Mar 2022

I Edinburg April 2022

I Carrousel Du Louvre Art Fair Paris October 2022

I Solo Exhibition Milan March 2022

                                                           'Blood & Life'  Solo Exhibition London  2021

World Art Dubai March 2023

Power of `Colour Solo Exhibition London November  2022 and Fraternity Without Border Charity  UK

World Art Dubai      Art Fair 

Dubai, UAE

 March 2022

Carrosusel Du Louvre Art Fair 

Paris, France 

October 2022

'Blood & Life' 

Art Worke's Guild, 

Solo Exhibition

London, UK

November 2021

'From Skin to Colours'

Edinburgh, Scotland

May 2022

' Lenny Lopes ' 

Milan, Italy

Solo Exhibition 

March 2022

' The Power of     Colours '  

London,   England

Solo Exhibition 

November 2022

'Flags & Colours Betwee Us' Exhibition

Sao Paolo,Brazil 

December 2021 to January 2023